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Nevada Ghost Towns and Camps

Nevada is famous for Las Vegas, but to think that’s the only thing of interest in the state would be to overlook some amazing history of the region. There are places in this state that are positively rife with history and the region is filled with ghost towns and camps. And your in luck, because Silver State RV Park is near several of those Nevada ghost towns and camps.

Nevada Ghost Towns

There were thousands of miners that once called this part of Nevada home. They faced deprivation, death, and the loss of all they held dear in order to pry out the riches of the earth in the hope for wealth beyond measure.

The mining life is one filled with busts and booms and towns and camps would pop up as if from thin air and just as quickly disappear. That is at least the population would disappear. After all, the camps and towns they created would remain to haunt the area as ghosts of better and worse times.

Nevada Ghost Towns and Camps | Silver State RV Park
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Nevada Ghost Camps

There are a couple of camps that were established to protect travelers and residents from bandits, raiders, and natives. Camp McGarry is near Denio and was established in 1865 to protect travelers using the trails but was quickly abandoned.

Another camp, Camp Winfield Scott, is in Paradise Valley to defend the residents of the valley from Native Americans. A great place to visit is the old town of Rochester, founded by residents of Rochester, New York in the 1860s. You can see the Coeur Rochester Mine, which still mines ore and overlooks the old Rochester Mining District.

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